"Great outfit, directed by an extraordinary man, Daniel Collins. This orchestra is run by genuine love of the craft, and it shows."

"A wonderful orchestra and singers. A very professional and uplifting experience."

Peregrine Orchestra and Voices, Enigma, St. Mary Magdalene Paddington

"Wonderful sound, emotional interpretation"

Peregrine Orchestra and Voices, Brahms Ein deutsches Requiem, St. Augustine's Kilburn

"Deliciously rich music in a stunning location. Pure magic."

"A beautiful church, wonderful orchestra, and a wonderful program. Simply delightful."

Peregrine Orchestra, From the Ashes, St. Augustine's Kilburn

"Superb singing and musicianship. A wonderful intimate performance."

Peregrine Voices, Bach Johannes Passion

"Superb evening. Lovely church and acoustics. The mezzo soprano singer was wonderful. Dvorak New World... was Amazing. The orchestra purely magnificent. The dynamics, professionalism was impressive. Wonderful night out. The music is still ringing in my ears. Profoundly enchanting."

Peregrine Orchestra, Orchestral Song, St. Gabriel's Pimlico

"Thrilling performance in a beautiful venue. Spine tingling music filled the church."

"Lovely loud and powerful concert, from a very new orchestra, although they sound as if they've been playing together for years. All four soloists were very impressive and I predict we'll one day see (and hear) Lauren Macleod leading the crowds at The Last Night Of The Proms. Excellent programme notes (thank you) and liked the distribution of the brass section around the Church for the Tuba Mirum. Seen Simon Rattle do this to great effect as well - great minds obviously do think alike. Nice friendly welcome too."

"Wonderful, stirring orchestral and choral performance in a beautiful church."

"Very enjoyable, great performance brilliantly conducted. The acoustics in St Mark's were ideal, especially for the 'off stage' trumpet portions, and the uplifting big orchestra and drum parts. Very hospitable venue."

"A-MA-ZING! Hadn’t been to this good concert for a while. Incredible work by the director, orchestra and singers. Keep up the good work!"

Peregrine Orchestra and Voices, Verdi Messa da Requiem, St. Mark's Hamilton Terrace

"A beautiful orchestra in an amazing church. l thoroughly enjoyed the experience and such rich talent and a beautiful operatic voice was a splendid addition.”

Peregrine Orchestra, Life and Love, St. Mark's Hamilton Terrace

"The combination of an excellent orchestra and beautiful choir was sublime. It was a superb evening and the delivery was impeccable"

"The Requiem was sublime. Polished, emotionally charged, disciplined. A wonderful concert Mozart Requiem was a delight to the ears and mind, and the conductor, Daniel Collins, was excellent"

Peregrine Orchestra and Voices, Mozart Requiem, St. Mark's Hamilton Terrace