Daniel Collins Music Director:
The Renaissance Consort of Naples

  • The Renaissance Consort of Naples started with an original idea by Raffaele Di Micco. After three months planning and only one rehearsal, the day before the event, the 21 singers of The Renaissance Consort of Naples walked on stage in the Casale di Teverolaccio and performed under the direction of the English music director Daniel Collins.

    Daniel said: "it was a real privilege for me to have been invited to Naples, both to support Geofilos Legambiente and to bring the Italian audience music that is close to my heart, from Great Britain, from Italy and from further away. The work of Geofilos Legambiente is, in my opinion, of vital importance. Protecting the biodiversity of the place, local manufacturing, agriculture and buildings of historical importance is an issue that needs to be highlighted on a larger scale. This concert aims to bring people to the medieval castle of Casale di Teverolaccio, which has been at the center of the community for centuries, to make them more aware of the work in which the Association is engaged. The concert music fits into three broad themes: beauty, love and loss.
    I would like to thank Raffaele Di Micco who thought of the idea of a concert near Naples, Laura Alquati, my personal assistant in Italy who found all the singers, the 21 singers who performed so well after just one days rehearsal and Orazio Pascale and each of the organizers for making the concert possible and Andrea Valentino for the video production."

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    The new season of concerts directed by Daniel Collins and performed by "The Renaissance Consort of Naples" had its second concert January 30th 2020.
    Venue: The Anglican Church
    Via S.Pasquale a Chiaia 15B,
    80121 Naples. Italy

Quotes from the 2019 concert
Laura Alquati
"Organising this truly unique concert, a collaboration between Italy and Great Britain, was a challenge that brought 21 choral singers from Naples to form "The Renaissance Consort of Naples." Under Music Director Daniel Collins they performed a repertoire of Renaissance music of the highest level."
Raffaele Di Micco
"A truly beautiful event that will enrich us forever, let me close with a sentence from a poet I love very much.
"Beauty is truth, truth is beauty, this is all ye know about earth, and is all ye need to know" (John Keats)
MB - Soprano
"It was a very strong experience, a challenge with oneself to win, with a complex and fascinating program that enriched me as a singer and as a person, above all thanks to the wise mastery of those who led and guided us with enormous professionalism, charisma and passion"
ADM - Alto
"Daniel is a wonderful person and a fantastic singer.
He is very communicative; everything seems to be easy with him!!
Daniel taught me to hear the music inside. I was really positively surprised by this experience and I can't wait to work with him again!!!"
BT - Tenor
"The meeting with Daniel Collins was characterised by high professionalism combined with an uncommon grace and kindness.
The superb vocal polyphony has united everyone in a unique way.
Thanks to all those who contributed to the realization of this event."
MJ - Bass
"Dan Collins, the catalysing essence of the event is a great musician, great in its reassuring simplicity.
A creator of harmony in all its meanings."