Daniel Collins - Sponsorship 2020

  • Supporting the arts in all its many forms is vital, locally and nationally.
  • Sponsorship is encouraged for The Renaissance Consort of Naples, Italy and the MusicFor series of concerts in London.
  • Patronage is sort for Music Director Daniel Collins.

  • The music of Daniel Collins is a perfect showcase, a flagship for your clients, colleagues and your community, local, national and international to appreciate the positive way you present your business.

    • The Renaissance Consort of Naples is looking for sponsors able to help with the running expenses of the choir. Music Director Daniel Collins would very much appreciate the sponsorship of any individual or company willing to provide financial support for the entire 2020 series, a single concert or to help fund a particular expense. Expenses cover fees for the singers, the purchase of music, outgoings such as venue hire, filming the event and the salary of Musical Director Daniel Collins.

    • This is also true for the London MusicFor concerts in London
      Please use the contact form to introduce yourself to Laura, Daniel's private secretary. Contact Laura

Benefits of sponsoring - depending on level of sponsorship
  • Individual / company named on the sponsors list on website
  • Individual / company named on sponsors list in concert programme
  • Company branding or personal notice (anniversaries etc.) on website
  • Company branding or personal notice (anniversaries etc.) in concert programme
  • Invitation to donor events
  • Invitation to meet the choir and Daniel
  • Recognition of your support in pre-concert announcements
  Daniel Collins - Patronage
 This is a unique opportunity for an individual or an organisation to be part of one of the most exciting developments in classical music. Daniel Collins, already one of the finest countertenors due to his association with The Sixteen is one of a new generation of young Music Directors. Your patronage will allow Daniel to purchase the scores needed for concerts or to commission new works from contemporary composers.

  • Recognition of your patronage in pre-concert talk
  • Recognition of your patronage on choir music folders
  • Photo opportunities with Daniel
  • VIP seating at concerts
  • VIP seating at donor events
  • Creating a special relationship with Daniel and the choir
  • Recognition in concert programmes
  • Recognition in printed materials and concert advertisements
  • Complimentary VIP tickets for concerts and special events
  • Your guests will receive hospitality after the concert with Daniel